About Us

BUTTI (pronounced ‘Booty’) was created out of a desire to showcase some of the world’s most beautiful leathers in a luxury accessory and resulted in the design of an aesthetically pleasing alternative to existing glasses cases.

With a long background in the leather industry, a technical expertise in the production of fine quality leathers and a love of manufacturing, I have long wanted to use some of these leathers in the production of a luxury accessory.

Producing fine leather, is as much an art as it is a science and leather technologists, like vintners producing a fine wine, or chefs creating a great dish, use a combination of fine raw materials, technical expertise and creative flair to produce the desired result.

The inspiration for the glasses cases that we produce, was a leather slip case from Florence. Well known for their leather goods, Florence is located near the leather producing region of Santa-Croce, home to some of the greatest leather expertise.

While a leather slip case provides an aesthetically pleasing cover for any eyewear and has the advantage of ease of use, it offers very little in the way of protection.

The idea behind the unique glasses cases produced by BUTTI, was to combine the ease of use and aesthetically pleasing aspects of the leather slip case, with the protective qualities of a conventional clam shell style glasses case.

Selecting some of the finest calf leathers from the same Santa-Croce region of Italy, we designed the outer case to provide the luxurious look and feel that we required.

In addition, using the latest 3D CAD technology, we created the custom made aluminium alloy shell, which provides the lightweight, protective internal core of the case.

As silk is such a luxury fabric, it was the natural choice to line the final case and the combination, provides the optimum protection for your eyewear, while retaining the overall luxurious feel.

Finally, an inovative matching leather tab was added to the back of the case, so that when pulled, reveals a silk ribbon that aids the removal of the eyewear from the case.

The 15 individual components have been brought together to produce a luxury glasses case, made here in Great Britain and has been recognised and registered as a unique design to BUTTI.

We hope you will enjoy this unique luxury leather case.

Richard Sanderson

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